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Commercial cleaning

At these uncertain and difficult times, when many people are gradually shifting from working remotely and returning to their workstations, office hygiene has never been more important.

Our team has extensive experience in all types of office and commercial cleaning, and they look after all jobs to the highest standards.

Our vetting process identifies contractors’ experience in the commercial cleaning and office cleaning industry, and we ask for three references from previous commercial clients. Each contractor must demonstrate their skills in the commercial cleaning sector through our competence test. This gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in office cleaning in commercial settings.

What sets us apart from other platforms:

Our service is completely flexible — you are responsible for paying your cleaner direct and you will be able to reschedule, or skip cleans through your online account and dedicated App. There’s no minimum term on your contract, giving you complete control over your office cleaning schedule.

We take pride in our commercial cleaning contractors’ experience and ability, and we guarantee to locate the best in your area.

book an office cleaning service, simply enter your postcode into our search bar to find vetted and professional office cleaners. Then select how frequently you will need your cleaning service and the number of hours for each session.

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Our team has extensive experience in office and commercial cleaning no matter the size of your premises.

How it works

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List of office cleaning tasks

Reception cleaning

If requested, our cleaners can ensure that:

Offices / cubicles cleaning

Washrooms cleaning

Kitchen / break room cleaning


She cleans it as if it's her house


What a great cleaning service from Cecilla. She cleans on a Friday and cleans it as if it’s her house. She is thorough and always goes the extra mile to help around the house. I would highly recommend these ladies who are trustworthy, honest and very good at their job. You’re an amazing company!


Extremely trustworthy


Excellent, everything is always cleaned to a very high standard, anything moved is always back were is was. Extremely trustworthy


Commercial cleaning

Once you have agreed on a cleaner, they remain your dedicated cleaner unless they are either on holiday or sick. You will have the choice to request a temporary cover cleaner through your App.

If you prefer to provide all necessary products and equipment that’s fine but if you need the cleaner to provide these then you will be charged an additional fee per hour.

Usually within 72 hours— depending on the availability in your area.

You may want to provide your cleaner with a key to your business premises, enabling them to work while the premises are empty. You can download and print a key acceptance form through your online account, and then just ask your cleaner to complete and sign it.

You can request for a temporary cover cleaner from Your Help Hub App.
Yes, we charge a fee for services that include customer support, vetting, payment processing, booking administration and other costs incurred for the operation of the platform. Our service will save you between 50% to 60% compared to traditional cleaning agencies while still receiving high-quality, professional service.
On your enquiry form, you will be able to specify the day, and time your cleaner arrives.

You are responsible for paying your cleaner through your App. Your cleaner will send you an invoice after every clean, or if you prefer to be invoiced once a week or monthly, let your cleaner know.

Yes, there is a minimum two hours per visit.

We strongly recommend that you are present for the first clean to show your cleaner around. This means that you can pass on any special instructions, like alarm codes or locking up procedures.

Special instructions can be sent through your app to your cleaner, these might include making sure all windows and doors are kept closed.

Yes, our public liability insurance is up to the value of £10,000,000.
Yes, all contractors registered on our platform are fully vetted with an ID check and reference checked.
You are not tied into any contract.

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