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Finding vetted and reliable cleaners at the right price couldn't be easier with Your Help Hub.

Your Help Hub’s new system eliminates the recurring issues that plague the cleaning industry. Our new platform lets customers book with confidence through our 7-stage vetting process and our partner company, Checks Direct, who screens all home helpers / carers. No work will be offered to any contractor until they are fully screened, vetted and interviewed.

Once contractors have passed our vetting process, they become a registered contractor of Your Help Hub you can be assured that your cleaner has been thoroughly screened and vetted before entering into your home “Safety is our Priority.”

Contractors on our platform set their own hourly rates making it easier to choose the right cleaner for your preferred budget. You will be able to view different cleaners’ profiles when you book one of our regular services, which will enable you to download the Your Help Hub app to your smartphone. Here you will be able to manage your full cleaning schedule.

App features:

The cleaner’s profile includes the hourly rate they charge and other services they can provide, which may help with some of your daily chores. No expensive monthly agency fees, you just pay your cleaners hourly rate securely through Stripe the number one online payment platform. You have full control of your cleaning schedule through your YHH app.
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Our system eliminates the recurring issues that plague the cleaning industry

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Our reviews


They are trustworthy and very responsive

Miss T

They are trustworthy, very responsive, professional in what they do, and have always looked after me when needed. I genuinely could not recommend a cleaning and ironing company more. Thanks again for helping me through the pandemic as I would of been lost without Your wonderful service.


We could not believe the amazing job that they had done


My Dad’s house had not been cleaned for many years. It was in a right state and we knew we would need help. They spent the day cleaning the house and literally transformed it from a dirty mess into a bright, shiny fresh home again. We could not believe the amazing job that they had done. Thank you for your professional help.

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