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Home help service

An extra pair of hands is always welcome, be that after the birth of a baby, following hospital treatment or an operation, or when coming to terms with a chronic illness or disability.

At times like these, most people want to be in their own homes, but being alone all day may not be a practical. If this is your situation, Your Help Hub can provide the solution! We can supply screened and experienced individuals who will help with burdensome tasks so that you can relax without any additional worry.

Having a home helper can make life easier by tackling those domestic tasks that you would find difficult to complete easily by yourself.

It could be just for a short time until you get back on your feet or a life-time change, that enables you to remain independent in your own home.

How it works

Booking a regular home helper is very easy on the YHH platform. Just enter your postcode into our search bar. Then select how often you will need your home helper, weekly or fortnightly, and select the different services you require and when you would like to arrange their first visit. We will send you 1 or 2 helpers’ profiles so that you can choose one, based on their availability, star rating or price — it’s that easy!

All our registered home helpers are DBS and ID checked, along with having passed our rigorous vetting process. Your Help Hub does all the hard work for you a lot lower that other companions out there today. You can feel reassured that you are opening your doors to a trustworthy and professional individual.

Home help service - Home Help Service Loughborough Leicester Your Help Hub

Having a home helper makes life easier by tackling those domestic tasks that you find difficult to complete by yourself

How it works

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Home help service - Home Help Service Loughborough Leicester Your Help Hub 1

Our Home help team go above and beyond when helping with daily activities.


A home helper can visit you as often as needed to offer support and to provide that all-important human element through a friendly and trusted helper’s company. Our Home Help team go above and beyond when helping with daily activities. When it comes to companionship, our aim is always to put a smile on someone’s face.

Your home helper can accompany you to the shops, banks, or post office so that you can feel safe and confident. It’s the little things in life that are the most important and having a caring person to pop in throughout the week to say hello, can make a wonderful difference to someone’s wellbeing.

Domestic help

Your Help Hub offers expert domestic help, this includes a variety of tasks like; vacuuming, washing, cleaning floors, washing up, cleaning bathrooms, and making beds. We can also arrange professional spring-cleaning if needed.

All our home helpers are very helpful and compassionate. They can help with all the household chores that you may require. No job is too small or too big. Our registered home helpers are always punctual and are fully insured.


They are trustworthy and very responsive

Miss T

They are trustworthy, very responsive, professional in what they do, and have always looked after me when needed. I genuinely could not recommend a cleaning and ironing company more. Thanks again for helping me through the pandemic as I would of been lost without Your wonderful service.


They have been absolutely amazing


I don’t know where to start my best friend came out of hospital with major surgery and I couldn’t help as I was working full time. They have been absolutely amazing they washed up, did shopping, cleaned the house, made beds, prepared food. I just want to say thank you so much for your help. The lady was only suppose to be there temporary until she got well, but my friend decided to continue with the service.

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All meals are hygienically prepared, created with care and with balanced nutrition in mind.

Meal preparation

When a client is unable to prepare their own meals at home because of post-operative difficulties, dementia, lack of mobility or other problems, a home helper can provide help with meal preparation. That could be chopping up food to be cooked later or preparing and cooking the client’s meal.

All meals are hygienically prepared, created with care and with balanced nutrition in mind. They are carefully prepared according to the client’s needs or their family’s instructions.


Shopping is an essential part of our lives but can also be a long and laborious process for people who cannot leave their home or for those who are worried about going shopping alone.

Our home help service can assist with doing a weekly shop or even with just picking up a few essential items. Then can also put your shopping away for you.

Home help service - Home Help Service Loughborough Leicester Your Help Hub 3

We offer dog walking and in-house pet care to ensure that our clients can remain with their animal companions

Dog walking & domestic pet care

We understand how valuable the companionship of animals can be to the elderly and for people who are unwell, but we know that sometimes it can become difficult to properly care for them. Sadly, this sometimes means that they can’t be kept any more, especially with dogs who require regular exercise. This is the last thing we would want to see happen, which is why we offer dog walking and in-house pet care to ensure that our clients can remain with their animal companions without any worries about their pet’s welfare.

Garden maintenance

It doesn’t take much time for a garden to grow out of control, and as the work can be very physically demanding, a lot of our clients are unable to carry out gardening jobs in the same way as they did in their former years. This can be upsetting for them as spending time out in the fresh air can be very beneficial for the elderly. We have workers who can maintain a tidy garden by mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, weeding, planting flowers, and carrying out any other associated tasks.


Home help service

Home help is for anyone who requires extra support with specific tasks but wants to retain as much of their independence as possible. This could be practical support around the house, help with shopping or housekeeping, companionship, or even picking up prescriptions from the chemist.

Please beware that we do not provide personal care, only domestic care.

You simply go to our website, select the service, and complete your details. We need as much information about the help you require as you can provide, so that we can match you up with the most suitable person.
Once you have agreed on a cleaner, they remain your dedicated home helper unless they are either on holiday or sick. You will have the choice to request temporary cover through your App.
You can request for a temporary cover cleaner from Your Help Hub App.
On your enquiry form, you will be able to specify the day, and time, your home helper arrives.
Yes, we charge a fee for services that include customer support, vetting, payment processing, booking administration and other costs incurred for the operation of the platform. Our service will save you between 50% to 60% compared to traditional cleaning agencies while still receiving high-quality, professional service.
All home helpers registered on our platform are fully vetted, DBS checked and ID checked. We also check their references.
We do our very best to match you up with the right home helper. However, we do understand that people have different personalities, and you may clash. If this does happen, you may feel awkward trying to tell your cleaner. Don’t worrym simply press Cancel job on Your Help Hub App you will be able to choose another cleaner.
No, all cleaners on Your Help Hub are paid through the platform and are instructed not to accept cash. It is a breach of both customer and provider T&Cs to give or receive cash payments.
Absolutely! We understand help is required in many situations and we are happy to match you up with an experienced person who is an all-rounder. We can provide someone who can help you after the birth of your baby, or following hospital treatment or a fall, or whilst you are coming to terms with a bereavement, or living with a chronic illness or disability.
Yes, your home helper will send you an invoice for the services provided by them. You pay the home helper directly through our secure online platform.
Parking charges are at extra cost. If you have access to a parking permit, please offer it to your home helper for the duration of their visit or reimburse their parking costs when you pay them.
We always recommend that you let your home helper know as early as possible by sending them a message through the app or your online account.

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