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We've compiled this list of frequently-asked questions based on questions we've been asked previously:

Your Help Hub is a new platform designed to provide a simple, comprehensive solution for finding and managing competent, professional, vetted, and self-employed workers to provide services around your home, with affordable and transparent rates.
We don’t charge you an hourly rate, all the self-employed cleaners that are registered on our platform set their own hourly rates. So, the customer can choose and compare different cleaner’s profiles and prices to suit your desired budget.
When working with a private cleaner or housekeeper, there are several potential issues that can arise. For example, it can be difficult to verify if they are vetted, experienced, and there may be concerns in an unlikely event your cleaner damages something, in your property if they are insured or not. Your Help Hub offers a safe and secure platform that ensures all cleaners on our platform are fully vetted and experienced with the correct documents to provide a professional cleaning service.
We do our very best to match you up with the right domestic cleaner. However, we do understand that people have different personalities, and you may clash. If this does happen, you may feel awkward trying to tell your cleaner. Don’t worry — simply press Cancel job on Your Help Hub App you will be able to choose another cleaner.
If you have booked a regular service and chosen to give your cleaner a key for your property you can receive live push notifications through our app. This will alert you as to when your cleaners arrive and when they leave your property. This feature helps with timekeeping and ensures your cleaner completes their allocated hours.

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It’s just so easy to work with them. Choosing your own time to do things and working with customers to accomplish the best and highest standard of efficiency great system.

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