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About us

Our story begins with the success of our professional cleaning business and home help service provider, “Mum’s Helping Hands”. Through this, our sister company, we are continuing to provide cleaning services to hundreds of satisfied customers.

We first started Mum’s Helping Hands in 2008, and we have now been established for 17 years so we are experienced in the day to day running of a successful cleaning business and home help service.

We are a family run business, and we are striving to become one of the leading brand names within domestic cleaning and home help services nationwide. We aim to be the most efficient and transparent, and to offer our unwavering commitment to ensuring our clients’ and contractors’ satisfaction.

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As every aspect of a cleaning session is organised through our app, there's never a need to call our office!

Our new online platform

We have created an innovative online platform, Your Help Hub, which has been tried and tested to improve customer and contractor satisfaction. Through the years we have gained vast experience dealing with customer complaints about poor workmanship, cleaners constantly complaining about low pay and clients getting cheated by cleaners' not doing their allocated hours by leaving customer’s properties way too early.

Your Help Hub has developed a new system, which eliminates all of these recurring issues, along with many others, which affects much of the domestic cleaning industry.

Our new platform is designed for customers to book with confidence. All cleaners are all truly vetted on our platform with all self-employed Home Helpers and carers having to be DBS and ID checked. All applicants also must go through our online competence test, which gives the cleaner the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in a domestic cleaning setting.

All our registered home helpers and professional cleaners set their own hourly rate to ensure that their pay reflects their hard work and professionalism.

Our vetting process will identify our contractors experience and competence, which helps to stop the “not so good” contractors slipping through the net.

Clients and contractors manage everything online, through their portal or through our dedicated App, which provides them with a great features such as live push-notifications for when cleaners arrive and exit customers’ properties, and all designed to enhance contractor’s and customer’s experience.

Every aspect of a cleaning session can be organised through our App, there is never the need to call our office!

Peace of mind

To make sure our customers always have peace of mind whenever they use our services, we have partnered with the online DBS Checker Direct.

Your Help Hub has chosen to partner with Online DBS.

Checks Direct are proud to be a Registered Body and Responsible Organisation for the Disclosure and Barring Service and a partner of the Ministry of Justice. This ensures they are kept abreast of the most up-to-date information. They offer expert account management, therefore ensuring that Your Help Hub follows compliance procedures.

Most people will have heard of DBS checks, and will be at least familiar with the concept, but many still don’t realise quite how important these are.

The simple fact is that when people allow strangers access to their homes, they introduce a level of uncertainty. DBS and ID checkers, along with our rigorous vetting processes, ensure clients can feel reassured that they are opening their doors to a trustworthy individual.

Your Help Hub is here to provide a central hub to locate professional, vetted cleaners and professional home helpers across the UK

We’ve supplied cleaners to thousands of satisfied customers through our sister company Mum’s Helping Hands Ltd. Check out our reviews.

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Clients can feel reassured that are opening their doors to a trustworthy individual

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