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We could not believe the amazing job that they had done


My Dad’s house had not been cleaned for many years. It was in a right state and we knew we would need help. They spent the day cleaning the house and literally transformed it from a dirty mess into a bright, shiny fresh home again. We could not believe the amazing job that they had done. Thank you for your professional help.


They are trustworthy and very responsive

Miss T

They are trustworthy, very responsive, professional in what they do, and have always looked after me when needed. I genuinely could not recommend a cleaning and ironing company more. Thanks again for helping me through the pandemic as I would of been lost without Your wonderful service.

Your Help Hub ensures that customers get the best service for their money in Sileby

We also ensure your safety and peace of mind by carefully vetting all contractors on our platform, enabling you to open your doors to a trustworthy and professional individual in Sileby.

Whether you’re looking for a housekeeper, contract cleaning, end-of-tenancy or deep clean services, domestic cleaning for your home, an Airbnb cleaning service for holiday lettings, commercial cleaning for your business or a home-help service, we make your life easier and take work off your hands at affordable pricing for people across Sileby.

How it works

Our vetting process

Our vetting process will identify each cleaner’s experience and competence, which will enable our procedure to minimise and stop the “not so good” Home Helpers and carers slipping through the net. Enabling you the client to get the best service for your money. All candidates within Sileby are carefully screened and vetted over a 7-stage process:

What's included?

Domestic cleaning

We provide honest, professional, and reliable domestic cleaners, housekeepers, house cleaning services and maid services for all your household chores. The entire package is tailor-made to your individual specification. Our service can be daily, weekly, fortnightly, or seasonal.

Commercial cleaning

At these uncertain and difficult times, when many people are gradually shifting from working remotely and returning to their workstations, office hygiene has never been more important.

Home help

An extra pair of hands is always welcome, be that after the birth of a baby, following hospital treatment or an operation, or when coming to terms with a chronic illness or disability.

Deep cleaning

Your Help Hub has extensive experience in all aspects of deep cleans through our sister company MHH, which has been providing one-off deep cleans to the domestic and commercial sector for over 15 years.

Airbnb cleaning

Managing Airbnb properties or holiday lets can be quite tiresome, that’s why our specialist Airbnb cleaning services are here to help.

Some of our cleaners

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