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How it works

In the present COVID19 Pandemic, Cleaners were and are continuing to work on the front line in many different industries, continuing to keep Great Britain safe and in the NHS sectors especially.

Your Help Hub platform acknowledges the hard work that cleaners like you provide to the country and also to businesses and individuals. We firmly believe that your pay should be based on your industry experience, knowledge and hard work.

How does Your Help Hub work?

  • You choose how many hours you want to work per week or per month
  • You set the time and dates you prefer to work
  • You set your own hourly rate
  • You choose the location or geographical area(s) you want to work within
  • No paperwork, everything is completed via your own dedicated App on your smartphone, this also helps you organise your work schedules
  • You will receive live notifications of jobs available, you will have the option of accepting or declining them, the choice is yours
  • Your clients will pay you weekly

Your Help Hub platform provides self-employed cleaners with a mobile app, our new system removes the need for paperwork and form filling at the end of each job, as everything is completed via the app on your smart phone.  All of the information you need is collated and updated in real-time via your app.

You choose how many hours you want to work per week or per month

Register your account for free 1

Register your account for free

Set up your free account and complete some basic admin

Set your location and hourly rate 2

Set your location and hourly rate

You control where you work and how much you earn

Choose your monthly hours 3

Choose your monthly hours

Whether you want a few hours to top up your earnings or you're looking for a full time hours

Start earning 4

Start earning

Download our free Cleaners' App and we'll send you offers of paid work

Our reviews

Great System


It's just so easy to work with them. Choosing your own time to do things and working with customers to accomplish the best and highest standard of efficiency great system.

You set your own hourly rate


Very good if you want a job that is flexible and if you’re a mum like me finding it hard to get childcare.

It is also very good pay. You set your own hourly rate which is a bonus.

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