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Very impressed with the system

Charna P

I applied for a cleaning position at Your Help Hub, I was looking for extra hours of work to help with the rise in fuel cost. After the registration process and online interview, I was able to download their app. Where I was able to accept or decline new jobs offered to me. You choose your own hourly rate which was a no brainer for me. I choose where I work and when I work around my family commitments this company helped me find that extra help that I was looking for.



Great App


Very good customer service. I love the App I was a bit reluctant at first but the online videos and help on the App was brilliant. Takes time getting used to but it excellent as I can choose which jobs I would like to do around my family.


Great for families & flexibility


I was looking for a job around my children who are disabled so I had to be flexible Your Help Hub gave me that. My customers are great, and I do less hours for a reasonable wage, way over the national minimum wage. So pleased thank you Your Help Hub.


Great for students & Great Pay


The App was easy enough use and manage, I did around university which was ideal for me as I am a student, so I needed something with flexible hours and the pay is great as its help me get by.


Great Pay


Easy going company to work for app easy to use. Clients pay you in cash which is great not having to wait until the end of the month. Your Help Hub are easy going helpful and assist people promptly to your needs.


You set your own hourly rate


Very good if you want a job that is flexible and if you’re a mum like me finding it hard to get childcare.

It is also very good pay. You set your own hourly rate which is a bonus.


End of tenancy – Wow the pay!


I was given a one-off job that I would not have chosen. I must say that satisfaction of receiving cash after the clean was such a nice feeling and the customers are actually very grateful.


Great System


It’s just so easy to work with them. Choosing your own time to do things and working with customers to accomplish the best and highest standard of efficiency great system.


Makes you be the boss


A typical day at Your Help Hub, for me is 3 houses or maybe just two depends on the hours of the cleaning. The good thing is that I can do my own schedule. I am speaking directly to the clients, and I have operated everything by my app.

Need extra hours of cleaning work?