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How it works

Your Help Hub platform acknowledges the hard work that cleaners like you provide to the country and also to businesses and individuals. We firmly believe that your pay should be based on your industry experience, knowledge and hard work.


How does Your Help Hub work?

Your Help Hub platform provides self-employed cleaners with a mobile app, our new system removes the need for paperwork and form filling at the end of each job, as everything is completed via the app on your smart phone. All of the information you need is collated and updated in real-time via your app.
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You choose how many hours you want to work per week or per month

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Our reviews


Great for students & Great Pay


The App was easy enough use and manage, I did around university which was ideal for me as I am a student, so I needed something with flexible hours and the pay is great as its help me get by.


End of tenancy – Wow the pay!


I was given a one-off job that I would not have chosen. I must say that satisfaction of receiving cash after the clean was such a nice feeling and the customers are actually very grateful.