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Frequently asked questions

We've compiled this list of frequently-asked questions based on questions we've been asked previously:

Yes you require a smartphone to be registered on this platform as you need to accept or decline jobs you also need to enable location to receive new jobs and other great features.

You send your clients invoices which are generated through Your Help Hub. App Your clients pay you directly into your account after every clean.

No – cash should not be taken from your clients, all payments should be paid through the platform and are instructed not to accept cash. It is a breach of both contractor and customer.
Failure to ensure that the client pays the off-platform fee will result in large fines, on you and your client, which will be enforced through the courts. To prevent unauthorised off-platforming, we use a variety of legal methods, including:

  • Test accounts that identify possible circumvention
  • Paying client to collect evidence about attempted circumvention
  • Employing private investigators when we suspect circumvention
  • Using an increasingly sophisticated set of online tracking and investigation tools.

Once you have registered on our platform, clients will be able to view your profiles. You will receive live notifications of all new job opportunities which you are free to accept or decline.

The client supplies all necessary cleaning materials and equipment unless they make other arrangements through our system. If you are asked to provide your own equipment and products for regular cleans; you will be informed before the clean commences an additional charge will be added on your behalf.

For one off-cleans and end-of-tenancy cleans, you will provide all the necessary equipment and products.

Yes we charge a commission fee 12.5% which is significantly lower than other cleaning platforms out on the market today.

If you choose to work 16 hours in a week we will automatically generate an invoice for the hours that you have worked, minus our commission. For domestic cleaning, our commission is 12.5%, which means that if you charge the average hourly rate of £13 an hour you worked 16 hours per week you earn £208, you will take home £182 per week.

As a self-employed service provider, you are your own boss and manage your own micro-business; you will be responsible for your own tax and National Insurance. You are also responsible for your own public & liability insurance.


Great App


Very good customer service. I love the App I was a bit reluctant at first but the online videos and help on the App was brilliant. Takes time getting used to but it excellent as I can choose which jobs I would like to do around my family.

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