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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

We've compiled this list based on common questions we've been asked previously:

What is Your Help Hub?

Your Help Hub is a new platform designed to provide a simple, comprehensive solution for finding and managing competent, professional, vetted, and self-employed workers to provide services around your home, with affordable and transparent rates.

How much do we charge per hour for a cleaner?

We don’t charge you an hourly rate, all the self-employed cleaners that are registered on our platform set their own hourly rates. So, you the customer can choose and compare different cleaner’s profiles and prices to suit your desired budget.

Do I have to pay a monthly fee for a domestic cleaning service?

We don’t charge you a monthly fee for our standard domestic cleaning package.  We include a free app that helps you manage your cleaning schedule free of charge when you book a regular domestic cleaning service.

Are all your self-employed cleaners vetted?

All Home Helper / Carers have been fully screened and all cleaners are fully referenced and ID checked. No work will be offered to any contractor unless vetting procedures have been completed by Your Help Hub, so you can feel reassured that you are opening your doors to trustworthy individuals.

How would I know if my cleaner did their allocated hours?

If you have booked a regular service and chosen to give your cleaner a key for your property you can receive live push notifications through our app. This will alert you as to when your cleaners arrive and when they leave your property. This feature helps with timekeeping and ensures your cleaner completes their allocated hours.

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Madhusudan Vasi

I have never had cause for complaint. They are professional, efficient and friendly. When your cleaner is on holiday then you are offered a replacement, which is very convenient. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they work very hard to keep both clients and staff happy. I would 100% recommend Natalie she's very friendly and helpful - you won't find another company to beat them.

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